What are My Damages in A Personal Injury Case?personal-injury attorney- Fort wayne- Lebamoff Law

Damages include medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We contact your doctors and medical facilities to obtain records from your treatment and bills for the services and supplies rendered. The amount of the medical expenses is an important factor in evaluating your claim. For that reason, you should be sure our office receives a copy of each and every medical bill, including prescriptions. Once your doctor releases you from his care, we will request a narrative report from him or her which summarizes and explains the nature and extent of your injury.

If you have lost time from work, we will contact your employer to provide us with basic information about your employment, such as your rate of compensation and the time you missed from work. It is very important for you to keep a diary which tracks the time you missed from work. Once you have returned to work, we will ask you to send us the diary you have kept and any work slips given to you by the doctor. If you did not remember to keep track of some or all of your time missed due to doctor’s orders or doctor visits, we will have difficulty recovering those lost earnings.

Pain and suffering is very difficult to describe or quantify because there is no equation to determine what it is and no documents to show that you were in pain. How much is it worth to lose a finger or have headaches everyday for a year? We cannot simply go to the store and ask a sales person for a price. Because of the difficulty involved, we only ask that you keep a diary that tracks how you feel on a daily basis with a description of any pain associated with your injury.

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