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What Are My Damages?

Each case (and each client) is different. That’s why we approach and evaluate each one individually – to ensure you get the best representation we can provide. Our proven process collects the information necessary to establish the fault of the other party, verify your injury and support your claims for fair compensation and/or damages. Damages may include medical bills/costs, lost wages, pain/suffering, and the loss of enjoyment/quality of life.


We obtain records of your treatment and bills for the services and supplies rendered. Everything from: hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, physical therapies, diagnostic tests, special equipment, prescriptions, etc. Whatever care you needed or required, we do the leg work so you don’t have to.


We talk with your doctors and medical professionals to get a full explanation of your injury and its effects. We gather more than just the total of your medical billings/expenses. Bills alone cannot capture the impact these injuries have had on your life.


We talk with your employer if you’ve missed work. We do this to gather important information, your rate of pay, and how much time you’ve lost. Did you miss overtime, incentive/bonus pay/ vacation, sick/personal time because you had to use it as a result of your injuries? Answers to these questions make sure we get the full picture of the economic impact your injuries have had on your life.


We may ask you to keep a diary of all the details of your accident. Because memories can quickly fade, your case may hinge on your ability to precisely describe the accident and/ or the impact of the injury on your life. A written record of your experiences helps bring everything to life.

Visual Documentation

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and photos help provide solid evidence for your case. They are often more compelling and powerful than any spoken or written words.

Putting It Together

We use our 50-plus years of experience and extensive research capabilities to describe and quantify the costs of your pain/suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. There are no simple equations; each injury is different. That’s why we approach each case uniquely, and that’s why you need our experience on your side, working for you.