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Truck Accidents Attorney in Fort Wayne, Indiana

In a report released by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, it was reported that there were more than 13,000 collisions involving large trucks during 2012. More than 100 of these collisions resulted in a fatality. Trucks are often 20 to 30 times heavier than a standard automobile and the results of a collision could be catastrophic. Just like automobile drivers, a truck driver could be at fault if you suffer an injury or lose a loved one in an accident. In either case, a Fort Wayne truck accident attorney can review your case and help you decide what action to take.

When to Consider a Fort Wayne Truck Accident Attorney

Whenever you are involved in an accident with a truck, you may want to consider contacting a Fort Wayne truck accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected. It is important to remember that insurance companies are not always going to treat you fairly. Often, insurers will offer to settle your claim hoping to avoid litigation. However, in many cases, these settlements are offered for far less than what you may be entitled to.

Some of the most common reasons for collisions on Indiana roadways include speeding, alcohol-impaired driving, and distracted driving. The statistics are similar for auto drivers and truck drivers. Another significant cause of truck accidents is drivers who are driving without enough sleep. There are specific rules that trucking companies must adhere to, put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), regarding break times and rest times for long-distance truck drivers. While this may not be any comfort to you after an accident, a trucking company that has deliberately violated these rules could be held accountable for your injuries.

Don't Face the Aftermath of a Truck Accident Alone

Injuries After a Truck Accident Can Be Devastating

Because of the sheer size of trucks, victims of accidents involving a truck often suffer catastrophic injuries including spinal injuries, brain trauma, and broken bones. When you work with a Fort Wayne traffic accident attorney, they will carefully review all of the evidence and work with your medical provider to understand the extent of your injuries as well as the treatment you will require in the future.

You should never have to suffer financially after an accident and that is one of the primary reasons for contacting a Fort Wayne truck accident attorney. They can help you get the compensation you deserve. Chances are that in addition to paying high medical bills, you will also be facing time out of work and rehabilitation costs. Do not try to go this alone, you need a strong advocate who will work with you and help you make the right decisions for your family.

When you are injured in a trucking accident or you have lost a loved one involved in a truck accident, contact a Fort Wayne truck accident attorney at Lebamoff Law for help. We will review your case free of charge and advise you whether or not you should pursue a case through the courts or settle with the insurance company.